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Dental Insurance

It is true that the best Dental Insurance one can have is to take special care at home by brushing twice a day and flossing. However it is also very important to visit your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and check up. Sometimes diagnosing a problem early on can save you time, having to endure pain, and cash as well.

A family of 4 should be seeing a dentist a total of 8 times in one year. The average checkup and cleaning can cost up to $100 each visit. Without insurance these costs can add up. Throw in a few cavities and well you get the point.

How much does dental insurance cost?

Dental insurance can cost as little as $15/month. Each plan is different and you can choose your own options but many pay 100% for cleaning, 70% for fillings and 50% for crowns & bridges. So at the end of the year with regular checkups and cleaning you might pay $500 for insurance for your family of 4 and end up saving $300. And that’s just for cleanings. Your family would probably save much more depending on your overall dental health.

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