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Travel Tip of the Week!

Call Doug Motz Insurance Agency for all of your Travel Insurance needs at 760-200-0270 or go to                     License# 0F00702

Why Would I Need a Home Watch Service?

The desert is an inviting place to have a second home during the winter area where we attract a lot of “Snowbirds” and Canadians. However, when they lock up their homes at the end of the season who keeps an eye on their homes? A Home Watch Service! A Home Watch Service makes scheduled inspections of unoccupied properties while the…read more →

Why do I need Mexican Automobile Insurance?

 Southern Californians often take weekend trips across the border into Mexico. It is suggested that you ALWAYS obtain Mexican automobile insurance prior to crossing the border. Mexican authorities do NOT recognize American or Canadian issued auto insurance as valid, regardless that the American policy has Mexican coverage. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Mexico, it is…read more →

Traveling This Summer?

Are you getting ready for that dream vacation this summer? Call Douglas Motz Insurance Agency for your travel insurance BEFORE you leave at 760-200-0270 or go to License # 0F00702

Rental Car Insurance Tips from Insurance Information Institute

Rental Car Insurance Tips from Insurance Information Institute

Here are some great tips on “Rental Car Insurance”, what you need to know at the counter: If you are renting a car and need further information, call Douglas Motz Insurance Agency at 760-200-0270 or go to! We are here to Help YOU!