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Short Term Rentals

Landlord Insurance…What You Need to Know

Are you a “Landlord”??? Do you rent out one or more residential homes, duplex, apartments, condos. If you answered YES, then you need Landlord Insurance.  Here’s what you should know about Landlord Insurance. Being a landlord, you need protection from financial loss that may result from damages to a rental property due to fire, theft, storms, vandalism and tenant damage….read more →

Desert Trip: What You Need to Know BEFORE Renting Your House or Condo

I am sure by now most of the residents of the Coachella Valley has “Heard the Buzz” about Desert Trip! Many homeowners in the desert will be wanting to rent their houses or condos for this CONCERT of a LIFETIME hoping to make a few extra bucks for this weekend. Something they usually don’t think about is that their homeowners’…read more →