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Why Does My Non-Profit Need “Special Events Insurance”?

This is a question I am asked over and over. In a society with so many law suits, it’s always best to protect yourself from ever having to deal with those worst-case scenarios. Special Event Insurance provides protection in the event a volunteer, guest or participant injures themselves or property damage is caused to a third-party’s property.  If your Non-Profit…read more →

Landlord Insurance…What You Need to Know

Are you a “Landlord”??? Do you rent out one or more residential homes, duplex, apartments, condos. If you answered YES, then you need Landlord Insurance.  Here’s what you should know about Landlord Insurance. Being a landlord, you need protection from financial loss that may result from damages to a rental property due to fire, theft, storms, vandalism and tenant damage….read more →

Drone Insurance? Really?

Drone Insurance? Really?

One million! “U.S. officials estimate that nearly one million consumer drones were sold in the U.S. last holiday season. No matter how much aviation experience you have, these small aircraft come with more risk than the average hobby. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) now requires every drone owner to register each drone that is purchased weighing over .55lbs.  If your drone…read more →

Douglas Motz Insurance Agency an AWARD WINNING INSURANCE AGENCY

Douglas Motz Insurance Agency an AWARD WINNING INSURANCE AGENCY

Wouldn’t YOU want to buy insurance from an Award Winning Insurance Agency? We must be doing something right! Give Douglas Motz Insurance Agency a call at 760-200-0270 or go to License # 0F00702

Douglas Motz Receives 2016 Sustainability Successful Agent

I am so honored to have received another award from Farmers Insurance on achieving 2016 Sustainability Successful Agent (SSA) status for Commercial Insurance. As an SSA agent I am a part of a select group agents that makes up less than TEN PERCENT of the Farmers Insurance agency force. Call Doug Motz Insurance for ALL of your Business Insurance needs…read more →

Desert Trip: What You Need to Know BEFORE Renting Your House or Condo

I am sure by now most of the residents of the Coachella Valley has “Heard the Buzz” about Desert Trip! Many homeowners in the desert will be wanting to rent their houses or condos for this CONCERT of a LIFETIME hoping to make a few extra bucks for this weekend. Something they usually don’t think about is that their homeowners’…read more →

Do I need Extra Coverage on My Homeowners’ Policy if I have a Pool?

Having a pool is a dream for many homeowners. After all, a pool can be the main attraction for families during their summer vacation. However, swimming pools and hot tubs are considered an attractive nuisance because of the increased chances of injury or death linked to pool accidents. Your homeowners’ policy does face a higher premium due to the elevated…read more →

Douglas Motz Insurance Agency Gives You That Personal Touch!

Would you rather buy your insurance online or have that personal touch and hands-on relationship with your insurance agent? Don’t just go for the least expensive insurance! At Douglas Motz insurance Agency we will keep you up to date on what coverage you need. We offer auto, homeowners, life, health, renters, condo, business, professional liability, commercial, worker’s compensation and umbrella…read more →

Planning to Rent Out Your Home or Condo for the Humana Challenge Golf Tournament?

Planning to Rent Out Your Home or Condo for the Humana Challenge Golf Tournament?

  Before you rent out  your home or condo, be sure to contact your insurance agent about your plans to be sure you are covered in the event your property is damaged or if someone is injured. Do not assume that your insurance carrier will cover your property in case of vandalism, theft or a liability claim. Some insurance companies…read more →

What to Do in Case of an Auto Accident

What to Do in Case of an Auto Accident

Information to gather following an accident: You never know when the unexpected is going to happen, so it is best to be prepared in the event of an accident. However, very few people know exactly what to do immediately after a collision. The following is information that can help save lives, prevent further injuries, and improve the outcome for everyone…read more →