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Douglas Motz Insurance Agency Gives You That Personal Touch!

Would you rather buy your insurance online or have that personal touch and hands-on relationship with your insurance agent? Don’t just go for the least expensive insurance! At Douglas Motz insurance Agency we will keep you up to date on what coverage you need. We offer auto, homeowners, life, health, renters, condo, business, professional liability, commercial, worker’s compensation and umbrella…read more →

Call us TODAY for a FREE Insurance Quote!

Call us TODAY for a FREE Insurance Quote!

Call Douglas Motz Insurance Agency  TODAY for a FREE Insurance Quote for ALL of Your Insurance Needs!!!! Let Douglas Motz Insurance Agency help you to save $$$$ on ALL of your insurance needs! It’s EASY and FREE to get a quote…You are under NO obligation! Call us TODAY at 760-200-0270 and we will tell you how! We cover autos, homes, mobile homes,…read more →

Can you afford to rebuild your home if it is destroyed?

Although wildfire season comes every year, a recent poll by the Insurance Information Network of California, found that only 22 percent of Californians consider themselves prepared for a disaster.Southern California wildfires have displaced thousands of residents across much of the southland in recent years. With a multitude of wildfires in Southern California this should be a reminder of the importance…read more →

25 Fun & Interesting Car Facts

1. 1 car is stolen every 33 seconds2. The first car for sale in America was the Curved Dash Oldsmobile priced at $650.00. 3. In 1924 a Ford automobile cost $265.00. 4. It would take about 157 days to drive to the moon at 60 mph.5. Most car horns beep in the key of “F”.6. The National Highway Traffic Safety…read more →