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Business Thank You Card Etiquette

doug-motz-thank-you-cardEmily Post says: “Handwritten notes are warmer and more special than other forms of thank you’s”.

Nothing makes you stand out more and makes the recipient remember you or your business more than a handwritten thank-you card. This can be an important tool to help you build strong relationships in your career or business.

The type of thank-you note sent depends on the situation and the relationship between the sender and the receiver.  If the recipient is someone for whom email is a regular form of communication, sending a thank-you email is appropriate.

Who should I send a Thank You Card to?

Although not every business owner would expect or even appreciate a hand written thank-you card, it shows good manners, it’s a gesture of your gratitude and respect.

You don’t need to be given a gift to send a thank you card. It could be for someone taking their time to meet you, for providing a service, taking you to coffee, lunch, dinner or even just a cocktail. If someone sends your business a referral it is also a good idea to send a thank you note. After a job interview, sending a thank-you note is a professional gesture that shows good etiquette. When you send that thank you card, you are going to stand out from your competitors, not to mention it is common etiquette.

When should I send out the Thank You Card?

No matter the size of the gift, service, meeting, etc., a simple thank you sent within a few days of the event or gift you’ve received is always best. Express your appreciation in 4-5 lines, mentioning the specific event or item and how you plan to use it. Address the person using Dear, and for the closing of a business thank you card use Sincerely, Warm regards, Kind regards, etc…

As I am writing this article, Michelle in our office handed me an envelope that just came in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised to open it, it was a Hand Written thank you card from a business associate, and thanking us for a gift we sent their business as a thank you from us. Receiving this card also assured me that the gift we sent was received. This gesture left me a clear message of how professional their business is.

January is National Thank You Month, the perfect opportunity to take time and express your gratitude!

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