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Environmental Insurance

Douglas Motz Insurance Agency provides a complete offering of environmental products. Whether the exposure is operational or site impairment, contingent or contractual or legacy issues, we can assist with stand-alone or package approaches to environmental protection.

General Liability

 Targets environmental contractors and environmental consultants/engineers, manufacturers and distributors of environmental products or products that can give rise to a pollution condition.

Contractors Pollution Liability (Operational Pollution)

Targets environmental contractors, trade contractors, and general contractors.

Lead Paint Contractors Pollution Liability

Intended for EPA certified Lead Safe painters, remodelers and repair contractors.

Professional Liability

Targets environmental consultants and engineers. For other classes of professional liability, please see the Professional Liability section of this website.

Environmental Impairment Liability (Premises/Site Pollution)

Targets commercial, industrial, environmental, habitational and institutional facilities and property portfolios.

Blended Forms can create an environmental “package policy” using any of the above product lines. Coverage parts can also be offered on a stand alone basis.

  • Limits: up to $10,000,000
  • Claims Made or Occurrence
  • Annual & Per Project Policies
  • Nose Coverage & Prior Acts
  • First Dollar Defense Option

Contractors Monoline Pollution – all contracting classes including:

Restoration & Mold Contractors:

Environmental Consultants & Laboratories:

Waste Facilities: