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Why Does My Non-Profit Need “Special Events Insurance”?

This is a question I am asked over and over. In a society with so many law suits, it’s always best to protect yourself from ever having to deal with those worst-case scenarios. Special...
“Tis the Season”…Insuring Your New Christmas/Holiday Gifts

“Tis the Season”…Insuring Your New Christmas/Holiday Gifts

  By: Douglas Motz/Douglas Motz Insurance Agency During the holidays, homes are filled with Christmas gifts, which make a home more attractive to criminals. Be sure to keep your gifts out of view from...

Landlord Insurance…What You Need to Know

Are you a “Landlord”??? Do you rent out one or more residential homes, duplex, apartments, condos. If you answered YES, then you need Landlord Insurance.  Here’s what you should know about Landlord Insurance. Being...