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“Tis the Season”…Insuring Your New Christmas/Holiday Gifts

“Tis the Season”…Insuring Your New Christmas/Holiday Gifts

  By: Douglas Motz/Douglas Motz Insurance Agency During the holidays, homes are filled with Christmas gifts, which make a home more attractive to criminals. Be sure to keep your gifts out of view from...

Landlord Insurance…What You Need to Know

Are you a “Landlord”??? Do you rent out one or more residential homes, duplex, apartments, condos. If you answered YES, then you need Landlord Insurance.  Here’s what you should know about Landlord Insurance. Being...

Anthem/Blue Cross Terminates Hundreds of Thousands of Individual ACA/ObamaCare Health Plans as of 12/31/2017

Anthem Blue Cross announced on August 1st, 2017 that it will be pulling out of the individual insurance market in California, with the exception of three regions in Northern California. As of December 31,2017,...